Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Of Uni and Decisions..

i know this post is long overdue.. anyways.. *ahem* *drumroll*...


Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut :




got to know this around 2am last last friday.. XD of all my eight choices that i submitted.. this is my LAST choice.. Didn't anticipate this turn of events as i thought i would have gotten my first choice (UM's English) or at least my second ( UM's TESL) as my results definitely qualify me for them.. was very quite devastated upset bout it.. XD however, there is still hope.. once i report to upm, i have to go to upm's lauguage faculty and enquire IF there are any empty seats available.. IF there is an empty slot, i need to go back to my own faculty admin to ask for a transfer with the language faculty's consent.. IF my faculty does not want to let me go.. i have to study biochem for a semester.. Get good results and IF i'm lucky, i'll get transferred to the course i want.. IF i cant get a transfer, i need to complete my first year and try all over again.. XD

Was quite ready to take on this path when suddenly my mum's friend suggested that I might as well be studying law! Me study law? the absurdity! XD haha.. I've never considered that career path as i know i'm that outspoken type that likes to argue.. Law has always been a very elusive subject to me.. with thick volumes of books and outspoken people.. plus lawyers seem to be like elites.. black suit, black briefcase, stressful office job..
However, finding some info about it won't harm me right?
So, i started talking to people.. law students.. biochem graduates.. reading stuff.. and through them i really gained a lot of insight of what i was getting into if i were to study law or biochem.. Well, basically, biochem is more of bio.. its about the cell's biochemistry reaction.. therefore i'm going to study my form 6 bio in more minute details.. plus a lil maths and chemistry calculations.. hm..  the job prospects.. my friend is going for her masters that is not really related to her field.. some work at labs.. most goes into sales and marketing of scientific products.. direct sales.. Amway.. insurance..@.@ i dun want that! basically.. i can't imagine myself doing serious research either.. playing in the lab and copying results is one thing.. finding a cure for cancer is another.. XD

 Suddenly, law doesn't seem as intimidating as it used to be.. mountains of reading is involved.. never ending case studies.. a good command of English is required.. and also of course thinking and communicating skills ( who want a lawyer that can't think and can't speak?)... self discipline and perseverance.. basically if i work hard, i'll be able to get through.. reading volumes shouldn't be a problem to me.. plus no maths! XD alot of people keep asking me.. Are u interested in law? i find it hard to answer because i've never done it before! XD if u ask me bout history and PA i'd say yes its interesting to me.. okay, maybe i'm not as knowledgeable and up to date bout politics and government policies like some of my schoolmates are (eg. Ah Boon) XD but i do think i can do this =) maybe i'm tired of trying to understand things like chemistry.. or comprehending maths that i cant seem to be able to solve by myself.. the reason i pulled through stpm was through lots of practice.. PA was by far the easiest subject for me.. (probably for many others too) =P the more i think about it the more i like the idea of studying law. Why have i never considered studying law before this?? XD It's definitely not going to be a stroll in the park.. but i do believe i can accomplish this =)

Found out more about studying law in ATC in KL.. surprisingly the fees does not amount to 100k.. the whole degree program costs about 45k.. inclusive of books, exam fees and etc.. going to apply for PTPTN loan which covers it.. Went to ATC yesterday just to enquire more info.. and i ended up registering with a mere deposit of rm50 and was ushered to class.. XD but guess what? there were already 4 CHSians in class~ =P Zhao Ying, See Khee, Yen Hsien and Yet Han.. plus me, 5, plus boon next week, 6! Well at least there are some familiar faces =) the lessons started.. i've already missed 2 classes, however the lecturers are still going very slow.. giving out sound advices and telling us what to expect of the coming year.. some lecturers have already started a lil on their lesson.. even though some of the times i'm not familiar with the topic however it is nothing that i can't read up by myself.. after the day's lesson, i realised that i have a lot of reading to catch up on.. Thank God for the internet! ^^ haha..
so basically, i'll be doing Contract Law, Common Law, Criminal Law and Public Law for my first year.. 4 subjects per year for 3 years.. so.. i'm taking an hour long bus ride from my home to kl and back again.. not to mention the walk from home to bus stop and from bus stop to ATC.. haha.. so far lessons will be conducted 3 days per week.. the only thing i'm going to miss will be my campus life.. which is a huge part of uni experience.. cuz ATC doesn't have a campus.. =/ and there are only like.. 8 clubs to join.. XD

I know that i don't know a lot of things that i should.. however, i'm willing to learn.. =) maybe i'm not as ambitious and as passionate as others are.. maybe i'm very naive and am not aware of the hot soup i'm getting myself into.. however, i'll perservere.. when there's a will, there's a way~ I don't know whether is this what God planned for me.. However, i know that He'll always be with me ^__^

At the end of the day i asked myself, is this what i want? me studying law is very sudden.. is this a rash decision? do i still want to study biochem in upm? cuz i'm only reporting at upm this sunday.. i can still make it if i want to... do i want to??
 i smiled...  cuz i already know my answer... =)

no regrets.. it's all onwards from now.. 
no looking back..


kak said...

=) all the best my friend!

boon said...

First time here! And I saw a name that looks like mine, beside a absolutely wrong statement. =.=

"...i realised that i have a lot of reading to catch up on..." Oh no, I have missed 3 classes!

Denise said...

kak, thanks! =)
boon, lolz, its true! haha.. =)


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