Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Selangor Story - Dee Finalee~

My Selangor Story Results Party

photo credits - Zaid

MSS bloggers, media personnels, sponsors and Tourism Selangor crew met up at DELIcious @ Marc for the results party on Tuesday~ My second visit to DELIcious was greeted by its signature classy white interior design and good food and camaraderie~ =)

photo credits - Dylan
Mummy Amelia was of course there to greet us~ 

Playing lil tricks on us, she eventually revealed the winners of MSS~

photo creadits - Feeq

List of Winners for MSS 2010
Dania Ryezel - Grand Prize
Tian Chad - 1st Runner Up
Thristhan - 2nd Runner Up
MsXeroz - Most Creative Blog
Eyriqazz - Most Interactive Blog 
Dylan - Best write-up
KK - Best Video
Feeq - Best Photos

Congratulations to all the winners of MSS 2010 from the bottom of my heart~ 
You guys are a bunch of awesome bloggers and truly deserve to win this! =)

The MSS 2010 family =)
photo creadits - Feeq

After the prize giving ceremony, it was tea time~ ^___^

DELIcious wooed us at once with its cute bite size delicacies~ 
It took me much effort to not go for a second round as the amount of food provided was just nice for the people who attended.. =P I totally loved the spaghetti and..
this!! ^^ 
though i dont know what its called but i really like the deco~ =P

In conclusion, 
The MSS 2010 was a huge success!!!

For those who missed it, no worries, cuz MSS 2011 will be coming soon!! =)
so keep your eyes big big on kay? ^____^


Denise's Thoughts

MSS was truly truly an amazing experience for me.. 

Initially, i joined the contest just for fun.. 6D5Ns of FREE luxurious travel around Selangor leh~ Who would be so stupid as to give it a pass? =P I had a blog so.. joinlah~ haha.. 
Besides the VIP + red carpet treatment we had throughout the trip, what I really enjoyed was the time I spent together with my fellow MSS bloggers~  Such a mix of different people from different places all shared one common interest - blogging~ There's totally nothing like it! Everywhere we went, I personally felt that i was with a group of paparazzi the whole time! Almost half of us had big pro-looking DSLRs hanging around their necks while the rest of us was armed with a Pentax camera, flashing at anything and everything no matter where we went~ 

Common topics on the table would be about cameras, events and of course, blogging~ =P Even though MSS is a blogging competition, we were never really rivals fighting for victory but more like friends going for a trip and having fun.. =)

Furthermore,  I've really learned a lot about blogging~ (cuz i didn't have much knowledge to begin with XD) Before MSS, blogging to me was a way to keep up with my friends.. a group of my friends had blogs, so we would be reading and commenting on each other's blogs.. besides that, it was a lil online diary to keep track of all the events and dates that I simply don't want to forget.. it's just that simple~ =) However, after MSS.. I've learnt of the importance and how influential social media such as blogs truly are.. Some people blog for money, some their passion like running, traveling and etc, while some blog just for fun and about their life.. Now, everywhere i look on the internet are blogs! Its like seeing the blogging world for the first time! I must have been living under a rock before MSS~ XD haha..  

MSS has truly been an eye opening experience for me.. A huge thank you to the organisers, Horizon Communications, Tourism Selangor, the gracious sponsors and hosts and to all the amazing MSS bloggers~*japanese bow*
 Thank Q! 


Monday, November 22, 2010

GLITZ-ing @ Genting

 Last Friday, all the MSS bloggers were invited by Resorts World Genting to watch..


GLITZ is the brand new resident show at Resorts World Genting~ =)

So, i meet up with MSS bloggers Zaid, Kak Zara, WenYiSpectreDylan, Max, VictorNicole, TianChad and Feeq at KL Central at 6pm to take a bus up to Genting~ ^___^ i also met a new blogger - Joshua Law! =) and not forget, some fans of RWGenting also joined us for the trip! The bus was delayed and it was raining when we made our way up Genting.. Was quite scared cuz many buses were involved in road accidents recently.. XD

Once we reached Genting, we headed straight to Coffee Terrace for our buffet dinner~ ^____^ hahaha... talk about SPEED eating, we had like, the SHORTEST buffet ever~ =P due to our bus's delay, we only had like, 20 to 30 minutes for our buffet dinner~ XD when Denise (Genting's lenglui PR staff ) said that we still had 5 minutes left, Nicole, Wen Yi and I rushed straight to the ice-cream bar! XD LOLZ~


In the end, we still managed to enjoy ourselves and kept our tummies pretty well fed~ =)

Next stop, the highlight of the night.. 

GLITZ! ^____^

too bad we weren't allowed to take pictures of the show.. no more special treatment like during MSS =P

The whole show contained 3 main acts..

Magic Show by Magician Charles Bach~

Sand Art from beautiful Ukrainian, Daria Pushankina~

and last but not least,
the amazing acrobats from HuaChen Acrobatic Group!

Their performances were phenomenal!! Charles illusionary magic and his escape from the straight jacket was very impressive, not to mention Daria's graceful hands sweeping across the board creating extraordinary works of sand~ her sand art of MJ was very lifelike! But what got me ooh-ing and aah-ing like a kid in my seat that night was HuaChen's spetacular acrobats by the young girls~ XD The dangerous stunts that they pulled  were totally breath taking and unexpected! ❤ a definite must watch!

The hour and half's show breezed to its end however, for the MSS bloggers, it's SHOWTIME! =P

FeeqNicoleWenYi and I =)

Our turn on stage~ 
MSS-ers with the magician, Charles Bach! =)

After the show we had 30 minutes to walk around before the bus leaves..

So, we did what we do best~ ;)
me, WenYiNicole and Spectre

We then headed to STARBUCKS and grabbed some sinful coffee before making our way back to the bus...

Joshua Law, VictorDylanFeeq

It was really an AWESOME trip! =) really appreciate the invites from RW Genting~
Thank Q very much~ ^____^

For a video of GLITZ visit here.
For more information about GLITZ pls visit here.

Photo Credits to TianChad and Joshua Law~ =)

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Selangor Story - Chapter 6 l Bye Bye... For Now ;)

Woke up with a heavy feeling…

Everybody will be going back to their home and to their busy lives today.. Actually some already had..  the bloggers from Indonesia – Alid, Fadli, Citra and Husni boarded their flight back early that morning.. Some of the local bloggers had also left the hotel by the time I went down for breakfast..

Sorry I don’t have any more pictures to show cuz I had to return the Pentax camera to Amelia that morning..
Spent the last hour in thristhan’s room playing Bluff and Heart Attack with a few other bloggers.. ^__^

Left the hotel and followed mum back around 2pm..

After spending an escapade of 6 days 5 nights with this bunch of cute and interesting bloggers, I am surely going to miss them after MSS.. Truthfully speaking the whole trip with them did not feel like a competition at all, but a group of friends fooling around and having fun! No kiasu-ness, no rivalry. I truly appreciate the friends I’ve made through MSS~ =)

Hopefully, we will keep in touch and have the opportunity to meet and travel again~ =)

My Selangor Story - Chapter 5 l Healthy Splash~


My Selangor Story - Chapter 4 l To Sunway We Will Go~

26th September 2010 (Sun)

Early the next morning, i woke up to be greeted by... 

Mak Cik cooking a BIG wok of rendang ayam~

She said that she woke up very early to cook as she'll be catering for some event later on.. Can't help but feeling that life have been tough for her.. 

dish washing area.. note the crack tiles..
 It's just Mak Cik and Kak Huni living together, no guys, therefore the house is rather under maintained..

pealing paint on batheroon wall..

scissors to lock the bathroom door.. 
But their are quite innovative though.. XD

After a delicious breakfast of ketupat and rendang, we left our foster families..

Thank Q for everything Mak Cik and Kak Huni~~ May God bless the both of you with good health and joy! =)

Next stop: Civilisation~~ XD
After the mosquito infested kampung stay with geli toilets..
The picture below is haven!!! =P

Sunway Tower toilets
We made our way back to the city and checked into Sunway Tower Hotel~

Ah~~ soft comfy beds!!! XD

I noticed that my room was wayyy bigger than the other bloggers room~ Why? 
Cuz my room caters to people in wheel chairs! It has a large area for wheelchairs to maneuver and notice that the toilets have thick stainless steel bars for extra support~ 

After settling down, we proceeded to Sunway Pyramid (which is joint to Sunway Hotel) for lunch~


Mantra, which means hidden magic, serves quite a variety of Asian cuisines and Indian dishes~

Yummy~ ^___^
The food was delicious, it tastes like homecooked dishes! suddenly make me miss my foster family in Kampung Dorani.. =P

After lunch, it was free and easy time for us bloggers, so we strolled the mega shopping mall~

Happenings in Sunway Pyramid~
Sunway hosts lots of events weekly, the scene below was an hair styling event~

Of course when u come to sunway pyramid, the first thing that comes to everybody's mind is..


Asia Avenue~ A girl's shopping paradise~ =P

After that, we found the Hari Raya Malay kampung and railway style centre piece display in sunway..

With 8 bloggers and 8 cameras, what else do u expect us to do?

Camwhore lah~ XD

jing yi and i

bloggers crossing railtrack~
AHH!! train coming!! y am i the only one to notice de.. XD

*pull pull* All abroad?

F4~ =P

Charlie's angels~
After our camwhore routine, we all proceeded back to our rooms to be piggys! XD


And what do piggys do when they wake up?


And it's dinner time~ =P

Buffet lunch 12.00noon to 2.30pm
RM55++ per adult
Children dine at 50% off

Buffet dinner 6.30pm to 9.30pm
RM78++ per adult
Children dine at 50% off

Hotel buffets are soooo expensive~ XD

I don't have any photos to show cuz my camera ran out of battery.. =/

was playing with jing yi's DSLR that night.. so i guess all my food photos are with her.. XD

Hm.. about the food..
I headed straight to the sashimi bar for my first serving~ =P
salmon, oyster, prawns..^^

The sashimi was okay.. but my oysters had lots of sand in it.. XD unbearble =P

Anyways, the Iranian dishes was something special~ =) First time eating Iranian food~ it has this very unique taste that i'm not sure whether i like or dun like.. XD haha.. but it was nice to try something new~ The BBQ served was... overcooked and hard.. XD it took me 10 minutes to chew and swallow my small bite size bbq beef.. XD had to give up on it in the end cuz my jaw was very tired dy.. XD haha.. The best part of the buffet for me was.. The Chocolate Fondue~~~ 
Marsh mellows + Strawberries + Chocolate = 

Wenyi and Dylan's 5th and 4th serving~~

After dinner, we strolled around enjoying the beautiful light decos aound the hotel and the mall...

Sunway ❤ 


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