Monday, November 22, 2010

GLITZ-ing @ Genting

 Last Friday, all the MSS bloggers were invited by Resorts World Genting to watch..


GLITZ is the brand new resident show at Resorts World Genting~ =)

So, i meet up with MSS bloggers Zaid, Kak Zara, WenYiSpectreDylan, Max, VictorNicole, TianChad and Feeq at KL Central at 6pm to take a bus up to Genting~ ^___^ i also met a new blogger - Joshua Law! =) and not forget, some fans of RWGenting also joined us for the trip! The bus was delayed and it was raining when we made our way up Genting.. Was quite scared cuz many buses were involved in road accidents recently.. XD

Once we reached Genting, we headed straight to Coffee Terrace for our buffet dinner~ ^____^ hahaha... talk about SPEED eating, we had like, the SHORTEST buffet ever~ =P due to our bus's delay, we only had like, 20 to 30 minutes for our buffet dinner~ XD when Denise (Genting's lenglui PR staff ) said that we still had 5 minutes left, Nicole, Wen Yi and I rushed straight to the ice-cream bar! XD LOLZ~


In the end, we still managed to enjoy ourselves and kept our tummies pretty well fed~ =)

Next stop, the highlight of the night.. 

GLITZ! ^____^

too bad we weren't allowed to take pictures of the show.. no more special treatment like during MSS =P

The whole show contained 3 main acts..

Magic Show by Magician Charles Bach~

Sand Art from beautiful Ukrainian, Daria Pushankina~

and last but not least,
the amazing acrobats from HuaChen Acrobatic Group!

Their performances were phenomenal!! Charles illusionary magic and his escape from the straight jacket was very impressive, not to mention Daria's graceful hands sweeping across the board creating extraordinary works of sand~ her sand art of MJ was very lifelike! But what got me ooh-ing and aah-ing like a kid in my seat that night was HuaChen's spetacular acrobats by the young girls~ XD The dangerous stunts that they pulled  were totally breath taking and unexpected! ❤ a definite must watch!

The hour and half's show breezed to its end however, for the MSS bloggers, it's SHOWTIME! =P

FeeqNicoleWenYi and I =)

Our turn on stage~ 
MSS-ers with the magician, Charles Bach! =)

After the show we had 30 minutes to walk around before the bus leaves..

So, we did what we do best~ ;)
me, WenYiNicole and Spectre

We then headed to STARBUCKS and grabbed some sinful coffee before making our way back to the bus...

Joshua Law, VictorDylanFeeq

It was really an AWESOME trip! =) really appreciate the invites from RW Genting~
Thank Q very much~ ^____^

For a video of GLITZ visit here.
For more information about GLITZ pls visit here.

Photo Credits to TianChad and Joshua Law~ =)


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