Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2nd Wed DInner: KL special

Cousin bro held a second wed dinner at putrajaya for KL friends.^^
Nice atmosphere, cool live band, great food!=P
However, i found out that dinners like this costs a BOMB!
Terrible...XD It's enough to go for 3 honeymoons leh..XD

anyways, i'll just let the pictures do the rest of the talking..^^

Venue: Mariot Hotel, Putrajaya
Date: 26th Sept 2009

fake wed cake XD

ice sculpture^^

cute ballon wedding dolls^^

yummy prawns^^

sea cucumber and fish maw

jun xian, amy, zhi ying, me =)


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ayer Tawar Special

wee~~ back frm hometown!!^^ missed me?XD haha..
there's really no place like home.. haha.. miss my bed!!XD body aching all over due to the foreign beds i've slept in for the past few days..=P Gained alot of weight these few days too..T.T too many yummy food..=P getting waist-less..XD haha.. anyways, travel log as follows~~^^

Woke up at 5am. Left house at 6am and met up with church member. balik kampung together!^^ reached Bidor around 9pm for breakfast. Stopped at Setiawan for "gong piang" and cendol an hour later~~^^ hehe.. now i know where to get my favorite "gong piang" ( fu chow biscuit with onion filling^^) and the best cendol ever~~ reached Ayer Tawar just before 12pm.. they did some renovations to the house.. new tiles, paint.. it looks much neater^^ esp the bathroom..XD idled time away.. aunts were busy preparing for the bachelor party that night.. cooking and cleaning.. helped out a bit.. however after buffet dinner i escaped to my aunt's motel room to "study" XD

Wedding day!! ^^
however there wasnt much bustle when i woke up though..=.= haha.. went to the little noodle stall behind the house for breakfast~~ had "Kampuang" and "Lu Mian"^^ tasty fu chow noodles where u can get no where else!! RM 2.00 for one big bowl!!! (easily worth 5 or 6 in KL) Yummy~^^
Then, went back and got ready.. the groom(my cousine) fetched the bride back around 11am.. beautiful bride~~^^ they've been together for like... 15 years? haha.. since secondary school leh~ FINALLY getting married! XD groom and bride in western clothes but chinese traditional wedding.. funny..=P alot of rules to follow leh.. there's this modern "dai kam jie" telling us what should be done and etc.. od course there's the "tea ceremony" and boy-jumping-on-the-bed tradition and really lots more.. haha.. after seeing their wedding, i think i definitely want a christian church wedding~^^ haha.. it just feel.. better that way..=P

Dinner was supposed to start at 6.30pm. Started at 7pm. Rather small restaurant.. with smaller tables and plastic chairs..XD but nice food all the same~^^ ended at 9pm!!! Earliest wedding dinner ever..XD haha.. went home and camwhored a bit..=P


Groom and Bride and cousines and niece+nephew^^

Went back to the noodle stall for breakfast again~~ love "lu mian"^^ had "long yan" oso.. hehe.. went out with mum's friend later on.. went shopping.. bought some local products eg. kampung koh chilli sauce, mee shua..... went for cendol again~ wee~^^ then went for lunch!!^^ we had... 2kg of mouth watering crab for lunch!!!!!! love crab~^^ stopped by the roadside and bought some "gong piang" again..XD then went back, packed and left for Kampung Jering (village nearby)~ attended a church funtion that night.. went out yumcha with a few local isaiah students^^ and slept over at mum's friend's place..^^

Went back to the noodle stall for breakfast AGAIN!!! XD muahahaha... cant have enough of it~~ jin hor liek~~(nice to eat)^^ then dili-delied for awhile before leaving for home after lunch.. went over to Sg. Buloh to visit friends... then... HOME!!!^^

Have been playing and eating and sleeping for half of my holidays dy..
BUCK UP Xian~~ study!!=P

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day Out

Sooo glad today's a holiday~~=)
at least it bought me time to revise for my bio paper which i should sit for today XD haha..

Anyways, went to mv with TK today.
Watched Final Destination in 3D!!!!!!!
sugoi neh~~^^
imagine gruesome scences in front of u in 3D!!
lots of things are hurled at u... screw driver, tyres, nails, snake...XD
I fell for them and jerked almost everytime!! =P scary yet fun.. haha..

Lunch was Great~~ =)
had italian food for the first time~ but its still western food to me anyways.. cant differentiate..XD haha.. the bill... *ahem* forget bout it ba~ haha..

It started raining only after i got home... =) rain...

Going back to Setiawan, perak for my cousin's wedding tomorrow...
will only be back by.. wed? sigh.. have to study there... lets just say there's not much fun there.. neither is it conducive for studying... hope i can study.. bio, english lit and maths2.. XD Have to continue to study after today's break.. GO DENISE~~~ XD haha.. k lah.. need to pack dy.. nitez guys...=)



Friday, September 11, 2009

STPM Trials

Pray for me pls...


Just pray for me ya..



Monday, September 7, 2009


...for attention and affection...

hugs anyone?



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