Friday, September 18, 2009

Day Out

Sooo glad today's a holiday~~=)
at least it bought me time to revise for my bio paper which i should sit for today XD haha..

Anyways, went to mv with TK today.
Watched Final Destination in 3D!!!!!!!
sugoi neh~~^^
imagine gruesome scences in front of u in 3D!!
lots of things are hurled at u... screw driver, tyres, nails, snake...XD
I fell for them and jerked almost everytime!! =P scary yet fun.. haha..

Lunch was Great~~ =)
had italian food for the first time~ but its still western food to me anyways.. cant differentiate..XD haha.. the bill... *ahem* forget bout it ba~ haha..

It started raining only after i got home... =) rain...

Going back to Setiawan, perak for my cousin's wedding tomorrow...
will only be back by.. wed? sigh.. have to study there... lets just say there's not much fun there.. neither is it conducive for studying... hope i can study.. bio, english lit and maths2.. XD Have to continue to study after today's break.. GO DENISE~~~ XD haha.. k lah.. need to pack dy.. nitez guys...=)





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