Monday, February 1, 2010

breaking the silence

Sadly, I've missed blogging in January due to technical problems...=/
My comp crashed!! Thank God now it's 'uncrashed' XD haha.. anyway, i managed to retrieve all the old data.. INCLUDING the 4 GB hong kong pictures~ ^^ thought i've lost them, but then again, Thank God~ ^^ haha..

Will be posting my hong kong travel log soon... though i dunno how soon or how late..XD
Will be doing it anyway, might as well post it right? haha.. i wanna freeze my memories~ ^^

Did u know?
haha.. thought i had enough of that place, but apparently our 'yuan' is not quite over.. haha..
it's a really different experience, being a teacher.. haha.. now i get to do things i've never done before~ haha.. entering bilik peperiksaan, the teacher's canteen, standing along the road while students merentas desa~ haha^^ nice~ apparently, the staff room is also a mini market, so far i've bought only korean strawberries and chinese cookies, but believe me there are many other goods for sale (eg tangerines).. teachers also get to preorder vegetarian food and the restaurant will send them over to school~ not to mention u can really hear gossips flying around..XD haha.. as for the teaching.. haha.. will officially get my timetable after CNY. The form 1s are the cutest~~~XD haha.. so small size! esp the boys.. muahahaha.. though its amazing how they outgrow their cuteness in one year.. XD the form 2s are.. not cute. XD haha..

Anyways, wishing everyone a belated...

HAPPY 2010!! =)

a photo i took on the 1st of jan^^


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