Saturday, April 24, 2010

Digital Weekend

17th April 2010
Have been planning for quite some while to upgrade our dinosaur desktop..XD finally, the time has come to put our words into action!^^ Took the ktm and lrt to the PC fair in KLCC with Adam to scout around for pc parts as Adam said that he will help us assemble a new CPU~ Our budget? RM1000! =P Couldn't find the parts that we wanted in KLCC so we proceeded to Low Yat Plaza around noon.. And the really shopping began~ =P We went around scouting and comparing prices for various pc parts and accessories with utmost care... round and round and round... The results? hehe.. we bought:
Asus Motherboard - RM 225
Kingston 2GB RAM - RM 170
Intel E6500 - RM 235
Western Digital Internal Hard drive 500GB - RM 155
Casing - RM 80
Logitech Keyboard and Mouse - RM 50
Logotech Speaker - RM 35
I also bought a lil extra cash and bought...
Western Digital External Hard drive 320GB - RM 205 ( i wanted to go for 1TB however due to budget constraints i had to settle with 320GB =P)
Car mp3 audio - RM 29
Car reader - RM 18

I guess the most tiring part was when Adam and i had to carry all the pc stuff back while taking public transportation..XD Adam assembled the computer overnight and sent it over to our house the next morning~ ^^Spent Sunday afternoon exploring Windows 7 and installing softwares..^^ Now our pc is super fast~ wee~ And i owe it all to our 15 year old Samaritan - Adam! ^^ and mum for the money of course..=P Thank God too~^^

Friday, April 23, 2010

Turning 20 on the 20th (^___^)

20th April 2010

My 20th Birthday

Basically, it was just another normal day... Slept as normal, went to school as normal, ate as normal, did the house chores as normal XD...
What wasn't normal was Michelle's good behavior that lasted throughout the day.. XD She did not irk me and helped out with the chores voluntarily! Seriously, if thats how she behaves on my birthday, i'd wish everyday was my birthday! XD haha..
Besides that, my facebook profile and hp had been flooded with birthday wishes and blessings~ =P

Mum got me a new watch earlier for my birthday while amy and michelle got me a cute jewelery stand for my necklaces and earrings!^^ Despite the rain, mum bought Secret Recipe's cake for me~ *touched* Chocolate Indulgance~ Mum cooked one of my favorite dishes also - red wine chicken! =) My mum's the best! ^^


21st April 2010

Enjoyable Escapade~

~MIA from school
~A White arena, a pair of White shoes and a White skirt
~Yummy food^^
Thank you =)

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Still waiting for comformation on university admission..

Still teaching in CHS... however the gouverment refuses to raise our spm graduate daily pay of rm40 to stpm graduate pay of rm60.. sigh.. no heart dy.. not getting what we're entitled to.. wanted to quit in may... however, Sports Day and TEACHER'S DAY are in may..XD besides, what am i going to do for one whole month? who's going too hire me for one month? so.. i guess i'll quit in june then.. =P

Everybody seems to be very busy recently.. Amy is ever busy with LM stuff, MSSD netball, church... not to mention this is her SPM year.. Michelle, on the other hand... band formation practices, piano classes, school work.. Seems like im the only one with nothing much to do.. thus, im doing lots of housework lately.. sigh.. amy's and michelle's too.. if i don't mum will do them.. which i think she shoudnt.. she needs more rest.. =)

Have been gaining weight recently..XD skirts are tighter.. Oh my.. lack of exercise.. don't move as much as i used to.. plus the the ever present snacks in the staffroom.. XD want to go swimming!! but amy is too busy to go with me.. =/ dare not swim alone.. plus i havent got the swimming cap and goggles that i want.. guess that will just have to wait.. Hope i can get a new handphone which i've been saving for this month~ ^___^

Have been home alone for almost 12 hours today.. mum and sis were busy with school.. woke up and cleaned the WHOLE house this morning.. i even did the chore that i hate most-- i folded the clothes.. ^^ Hand washed the the HAND WASH ONLY garments.. Not to mention facebooking from time to time..XD haha.. Simply addicted to MouseHunt recently~ XD (a fb app) join me?^^ hahaha..

well, that is all the happenings in my mundane life now..XD

Waiting to move on with my life... this holiday is way too long...


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