Saturday, April 24, 2010

Digital Weekend

17th April 2010
Have been planning for quite some while to upgrade our dinosaur desktop..XD finally, the time has come to put our words into action!^^ Took the ktm and lrt to the PC fair in KLCC with Adam to scout around for pc parts as Adam said that he will help us assemble a new CPU~ Our budget? RM1000! =P Couldn't find the parts that we wanted in KLCC so we proceeded to Low Yat Plaza around noon.. And the really shopping began~ =P We went around scouting and comparing prices for various pc parts and accessories with utmost care... round and round and round... The results? hehe.. we bought:
Asus Motherboard - RM 225
Kingston 2GB RAM - RM 170
Intel E6500 - RM 235
Western Digital Internal Hard drive 500GB - RM 155
Casing - RM 80
Logitech Keyboard and Mouse - RM 50
Logotech Speaker - RM 35
I also bought a lil extra cash and bought...
Western Digital External Hard drive 320GB - RM 205 ( i wanted to go for 1TB however due to budget constraints i had to settle with 320GB =P)
Car mp3 audio - RM 29
Car reader - RM 18

I guess the most tiring part was when Adam and i had to carry all the pc stuff back while taking public transportation..XD Adam assembled the computer overnight and sent it over to our house the next morning~ ^^Spent Sunday afternoon exploring Windows 7 and installing softwares..^^ Now our pc is super fast~ wee~ And i owe it all to our 15 year old Samaritan - Adam! ^^ and mum for the money of course..=P Thank God too~^^



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