Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sports Day ~ From a teacher's view =P

8 May 2010

Sports Day~~

For the CHSians, u know how its like.. ;) The usual hunt for recyclable items, shopping for pelaka, cooking glue, getting costumes done, and 1001 things to do. XD haha.. Well, this year, Amy has been busy with these stuff.. I only pop by the Hijau room every once in awhile to see how the juniors are doing.. (btw, i'm a red house teacher this year.. but im still helping the greens anyway.. =P) so, after much preparation, the big day finally arrived~ haha..

This year, as a teacher, i was assigned as a Hakim Penamat. sounds grand right? XD haha.. basically we just sit at the benches at the finishing line to see who finish first, second and etc.. And well, since we have a new Photography Club, a dozen or so students were seen everywhere snapping shots with their very pro(expensive too) DSLRs. XD so, without furthur ado, let me show u their fruits of labour~ this is gonna be a very picturey post! haha.. enjoy! =)
(have no idea why some are smaller..=/)

band leads the march

a lil disappointed that they didnt have tails..XD

ungu tent - under the sea~
(honestly, they did a much better job then hijau a few years back..XD however, i still like the costumes i came up with esp the mermaid~ ^^ ungu has a sour faced mascot this year, unfortunately, no one caught her on film =P )

merah tent-santa n sleigh
hijau~ ninja turtle
biru~ avatar

cool right? ^^

hijau mascot

merah's santa

kuning- transformer~ i like their costume ;) plus their mascot at the middle

michelle in the band~

my only photo that day.. XD certainly not one of my best.. =P
cheerleaders~very neat =)

amy running~

we have a gunman this year~

at the end of the day...



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