Saturday, November 22, 2008

Juz another day

Woke up at 5.30am today... guess im used to it... dozed off and woke up again at 7.30... didnt want to get up... was still thinking of yesterday... =) happy...

Took a ktm to KL for PA n Maths tuition... reached KL at 9am... class starts at only 10.30... went to McD ordered breakfast... the pancakes are quite nice^^ revised my maths there till time for tuition...

tuition till 2.30pm @.@

went to mid valley to meet up with mum... had lunch at new ipoh chicken rice branch at gardens... was conned..='/ i asked for char siew rice... he gave me 1 plate of char siew n 1 plate of rice... costs RM 4 more than the char siew n rice together... the 'tauge' we ordered never arrived... expensive n bad service... worst than yesterday's lunch...

tired... gotta go pack... going for 4 days 3 nights trip to taman negara on monday with other f6s... i heard that theres going to be lots of physical exercises... great... =/ lazy... go slp...^^

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Love is almost like


It warms your heart.

It brightens your day.


It burns too...

*Caution: Little children better not play with fire.

should i be angry? upset? disappointed?
don't think that i m qualified for the above emotions...
i just want and hope for the best...

Monday, November 10, 2008

To Be Or Not To Be

That is the question...

I'm in a dilemma lately... Miss Leela is offering to teach us English Literature as a FIFTH subject... Should I join?!?!?! haihz...

Points to ponder
~ Maths is pulling my cgpa down... real low... since cgpa only accounts for the 4 highest scores... will it be better if i take up eng lit? it should be... rite?
~ Taking 5 subjects... AM I CRAZY? I --> world reknown LAzy BuM
~ Should i use my time to improve my maths or divide them between maths and eng lit?

We are going to do Hamlet by Shakespeare and 3 other novels... classes starting only next year... but we have to finish reading the novels during this hols... Miss Leela is not charging us.. i think.. havent confirm yet... another thing is... Can she teach well? Hm...

My neighbour took stpm eng lit a few years back... she got an A.. attend tuition classes by a lecturer in UM... RM250 per month! O.O She is now a law student in UM...

Can't make up my mind!!! Suggestions any1?^^

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Die Cockroach! Die Fly!

We did our bio experiment today!^^

Its actually a sort of practice for our MEGA bio project where we need to catch and preserve 25 different bugs... In the meanwhile... we are practicing on...


Roach Vs Fly=P

First, Chloroform. Second, poke, open wings. Third, inject formalin (preservative) through butt. Fourth, put in preheated 30 degree oven for 10 minutes. Fifth, paint outer layer of formalin. Lastly, leave to dry and transfer to container.^^

My roach was from drainage near the scout's room... Credits to William 'Shark'for catching my cockroach!=P Thank you! Its not tat I'm scared of roaches... i juz cant stand them... they are sooo dirty!! Eee... I normally smack them with rolled newspaper...haha... but hor... the amount of roaches in the scount room drainage... A WHOLE NEST OF THEM!!! AH!!!!! That really made me scream...=P
Though it was hard work... but quite fun lah... haha...

Sixth Form 08/09 T^^

Though we are still selecting from a few designs... but this is the design i like the most!!^^ Kwan Seng's design. Hope it wins! =) u guys can have a look at the other designs in the From 6 blog in my links..

Monday, November 3, 2008


MUET : +3
(finally!!! a plus!!! thank God! =P but still a band 4...='/ i want band 6...need to improve my writing and comprehension--> stupid trick questionsXD)

I've finally gotten all my results.. basically.. my purata dropped... but if you compare each subject individually... my results were not all that bad... so... why is my purata so low? cuz...


Maths has pulled me down... alot... cuz i only got 19/100...T.T

haihz, never was fond of maths... i remeber crying in primary school cuz i couldn't solve my PRIMARY standard maths exercise...=P surprisingly, i got an A2 for SPM add maths... 11 years... i've endured this torture long enough... what's another year right? Gambate!!!! WORK, HARD!

Basically, i hav 1 years time to upgrade my results... 1 year to increase my maths grade from E to A... Impossible? Hm...

I Believe In Miracles!!!

Dear Lord pls help me...=)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hearts of Guys and Gurls

To fight the battle
To experience an advebture
To rescue the beauty

To be fought for
To share adventures
To express beauty

=) well... how true are the above statements? Isn't the guys in movies and novels always the hero where there is always a beauty to save? Or that boys prefer adventure stories instead of romance? Girls ,however, like to be treated like a precious jewel, one that is beautiful and sought after... Girls also share more... a better companion and a friend in need... right?

Guys - the warriors and protectors
Girls - the companion and care givers

We also come to find that guys are more easily influenced by sight, eg:a pretty or sexy woman.. Girls however are easily influenced by their hearing, eg: a guys sweet talk..True?

God created men in His image, giving us some of His qualities... His compassion, the fighter in Him, His love...

God first created Adam to take care of the Garden of Eden. Later on, God created Eve for Adam as a companion, a helper. Each has a role to play and neither one can live without the other.
An ideal balance.^^

Today, where we live in a society where some women climb coperate ladders better than men.. (no offence guys..XD) where women are the bread winners for their families.. where women are independent and do not need men...XD If given a choice, would these women choose to be a superwoman?

My question is,
Why are women so independent?
Some will answer: "Why not?"
I, however, am tempted to believe that it is because these women have lost their faith in men.. most probably by the men in their family, for example an irresponsible father or a useless brother... Agreeable?=P

*Post your comments or point of views in the cbox pls^^ i'm curious..


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