Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hearts of Guys and Gurls

To fight the battle
To experience an advebture
To rescue the beauty

To be fought for
To share adventures
To express beauty

=) well... how true are the above statements? Isn't the guys in movies and novels always the hero where there is always a beauty to save? Or that boys prefer adventure stories instead of romance? Girls ,however, like to be treated like a precious jewel, one that is beautiful and sought after... Girls also share more... a better companion and a friend in need... right?

Guys - the warriors and protectors
Girls - the companion and care givers

We also come to find that guys are more easily influenced by sight, eg:a pretty or sexy woman.. Girls however are easily influenced by their hearing, eg: a guys sweet talk..True?

God created men in His image, giving us some of His qualities... His compassion, the fighter in Him, His love...

God first created Adam to take care of the Garden of Eden. Later on, God created Eve for Adam as a companion, a helper. Each has a role to play and neither one can live without the other.
An ideal balance.^^

Today, where we live in a society where some women climb coperate ladders better than men.. (no offence guys..XD) where women are the bread winners for their families.. where women are independent and do not need men...XD If given a choice, would these women choose to be a superwoman?

My question is,
Why are women so independent?
Some will answer: "Why not?"
I, however, am tempted to believe that it is because these women have lost their faith in men.. most probably by the men in their family, for example an irresponsible father or a useless brother... Agreeable?=P

*Post your comments or point of views in the cbox pls^^ i'm curious..



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