Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Die Cockroach! Die Fly!

We did our bio experiment today!^^

Its actually a sort of practice for our MEGA bio project where we need to catch and preserve 25 different bugs... In the meanwhile... we are practicing on...


Roach Vs Fly=P

First, Chloroform. Second, poke, open wings. Third, inject formalin (preservative) through butt. Fourth, put in preheated 30 degree oven for 10 minutes. Fifth, paint outer layer of formalin. Lastly, leave to dry and transfer to container.^^

My roach was from drainage near the scout's room... Credits to William 'Shark'for catching my cockroach!=P Thank you! Its not tat I'm scared of roaches... i juz cant stand them... they are sooo dirty!! Eee... I normally smack them with rolled newspaper...haha... but hor... the amount of roaches in the scount room drainage... A WHOLE NEST OF THEM!!! AH!!!!! That really made me scream...=P
Though it was hard work... but quite fun lah... haha...

Sixth Form 08/09 T^^

Though we are still selecting from a few designs... but this is the design i like the most!!^^ Kwan Seng's design. Hope it wins! =) u guys can have a look at the other designs in the From 6 blog in my links..



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