Monday, November 10, 2008

To Be Or Not To Be

That is the question...

I'm in a dilemma lately... Miss Leela is offering to teach us English Literature as a FIFTH subject... Should I join?!?!?! haihz...

Points to ponder
~ Maths is pulling my cgpa down... real low... since cgpa only accounts for the 4 highest scores... will it be better if i take up eng lit? it should be... rite?
~ Taking 5 subjects... AM I CRAZY? I --> world reknown LAzy BuM
~ Should i use my time to improve my maths or divide them between maths and eng lit?

We are going to do Hamlet by Shakespeare and 3 other novels... classes starting only next year... but we have to finish reading the novels during this hols... Miss Leela is not charging us.. i think.. havent confirm yet... another thing is... Can she teach well? Hm...

My neighbour took stpm eng lit a few years back... she got an A.. attend tuition classes by a lecturer in UM... RM250 per month! O.O She is now a law student in UM...

Can't make up my mind!!! Suggestions any1?^^


kak said...

follow ur interest. tats y i took lit in A-levels

n tuition for lit really rare
its how u as a person view n analyse the q's not what ur teacher can control..

anyway just do something u enjoy n u'll make the best out of it. Positive =)


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