Friday, October 8, 2010

My Selangor Story - Chapter 6 l Bye Bye... For Now ;)

Woke up with a heavy feeling…

Everybody will be going back to their home and to their busy lives today.. Actually some already had..  the bloggers from Indonesia – Alid, Fadli, Citra and Husni boarded their flight back early that morning.. Some of the local bloggers had also left the hotel by the time I went down for breakfast..

Sorry I don’t have any more pictures to show cuz I had to return the Pentax camera to Amelia that morning..
Spent the last hour in thristhan’s room playing Bluff and Heart Attack with a few other bloggers.. ^__^

Left the hotel and followed mum back around 2pm..

After spending an escapade of 6 days 5 nights with this bunch of cute and interesting bloggers, I am surely going to miss them after MSS.. Truthfully speaking the whole trip with them did not feel like a competition at all, but a group of friends fooling around and having fun! No kiasu-ness, no rivalry. I truly appreciate the friends I’ve made through MSS~ =)

Hopefully, we will keep in touch and have the opportunity to meet and travel again~ =)


Eyriqazz said...

oh,i wish i can play bluff was a great event.

sy said...

Till me meet again :D

-Denise- said...

@eyriqazz, agreed =) hope we have a next time! ^^
@sy, hopefully soon! =)


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