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My Selangor Story - Chapter 3 l From the Hilltop to the Kampung

25th September 2010 (Sat)

Rise and shine~ ^___^

Today, I had breakfast at the World Club Lounge~~~ It is a very modern and neat restaurant situated in the First World Hotel.

Love the breakfast buffet~ there was quite a variety of food to suit everybody's breakfast preferences. The food were all so fresh and tasty!! gotta love it~ ^__^

My Bfast~

After filling our tummies, it was time to leave Genting Resorts... ='/ berat hati to leave the first class hospitality.. =P but all good things must come to an end, so we packed up and made our way to the lobby..

Guess who turned up to say byebye? ^___^
Charles Gluck~~~
 the guy who performed the Jerome Murat in Dazzle last night~~ how sweet~ ^__^

Jerome Murat~
Remember? ^^

charles and I
It was very cool of him to come say goodbye, really appreciate it! =)

So.. off we went~ but before we left the hill,we dropped by the Chin Swee Temple!

This temple was built by Genting's founder, late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong to thank the chinese deity Chin Swee that appeared in his dreams on the night he and a few of his workers were forced to sleepover in a cave at this very site. The Tan Sri Lim then was only a small contractor starting to build roads up to the Genting hilltop. When Chin Swee appeared in his dreams, she assured him that he would be very successful and told him to go on with his vision - to build the Genting Highland Resort. 

Apparently, this spot where the temple is built has the best view of Genting~ It took Tan Sri Lim 18 years to built this temple as the terrain was rocky and steep, which made it impossible to utilise modern machinery for fundamental work such as piling.However, with Tan Sri Lim's determination and strong will, the temple was finally completed! This really showsTan Sri Lim's sincerity to Chin Swee.
the founder- Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong
jing yi, dian, nicole and I
Wishing booth? =P
People writing down their wishes..
Million Buddha Pagoda
To know more about Chin Swee Temple, pls visit their official site:

misty mountains of Genting
 After we left Chin Swee Temple, we resumed our journey down the hills to... Kanching Waterfalls~~

there were many mischievious monkeys lurking about the entrance, hoping to be fed by visitors. Pls be very careful as they might grab at your belongings XD

"What are yer lookin' at?"
TV Selangor crew~
After a few flights of stairs, we reached the Level 2 waterfall~ There are lots of levels where a waterfall can be found, so for those who have more stamina, up you go~ ^__^ I heard that the waterfalls further up are even more beautiful and magnificent~

level 2 waterfall
Chia Li and I
Rainforest canopy~
Since there is water.. It was time to test my waterproof Pentax~

water flow
now let's go under ;)
the world of a fish
me from a fish's angle =P quite scary XD
no wonder fishes swim away when we approach them =P
Lunch time!
We da bao-ed KFC for lunch and had a lil picnic at the park benches provided~
*Note: the monkeys in the park are very 'hiong' (ganas) XD so please do not leave leftover food in the rubbish bins provided cuz the monkeys will raid them!! Rubbish will be thrown all over the place by the monkeys!

After lunch, we boarded the bus again and made our way to... Sabak Bernam, Kampung Dorani~

kampung roads
We were received warmly by the villages with kompangs and malay kuih-muih as refreshment~ 
*makan again* XD

they even prepared 2 performances for us~ 

the tradisional dance - "kuda kepang"

and a traditional musical play, the Barongan~

We, the MSS bloggers also got to learn the kuda kepang dance too~ 

MSS bloggers learning the kuda kepang
Personally, I found the 'kuda kepang' a lil weird.. XD though the dance and music were traditionally Malay and the costumes were quite okay, however, the Nike shoes and brown dyed hair was really out of place.. =X i would rather they danced bare footed.. ^__^ feels more traditional =P

After the performances, we were spilt into pairs and trios to follow our foster parents home.. however, my original foster parent couldn't make it in the end..='/ so wen yi and I were adopted by Nicole and Dian's foster family~ ^__^ so the four of us went to the same foster home~ =)

the only picture of the house that i have.. =/
Tadaa~ My foster family~
Mak Cik and Kak Huni
They thought us how to weave leaves to make ketupat~ a tradisional Malay food.. after weaving the leaves, rice is filled into the lil weaved basket and cooked..
*weave weave weave*
After 3 hours of practice and a lil help from mak cik i managed to produce... 1 ketupat! XD eh, weaving ketupat not easy you know.. =P
left: makcik's ketupat : right: my ketupat
 Dinner time~

The homecooked Malay dishes were totally tantalizing! ^__^ 
chicken kurma, rendang, acark and sambal brinjal~
*mouth watering*

After dinner, we met up with the other bloggers and went to Kuala Selangor to watch Fireflies~~

all geared up and ready to board the sampan
We boarded a sampan rowed by local boatmen and cruised along the river banks.. 

The fireflies were truly a scene to behold~ their flickering bodies lighted up the bushes by the river, making the bushes look like christmas trees~ too bad i dun have any pictures to show you guys cuz... i lost my pentax!! T^T why wasn't it in my bag?? i rmb clearly puting it into my bag!! so sad.. Amelia's gonna kill me.. T_____T
anyways, i googled a picture for you guys..
pretty right?? ^__^
We also watched a short educative video clip introducing the fireflies at the mini theater after the boat ride..

Lastly, on our way back, we stopped by a famous place that sells delicious satays for supper~ the Satay Hut~
photo courtesy of sy 
The satay was good! better than kajang if i may say.. even though i told myself not to eat too much (cuz supper is fattening =P) i ate 5 sticks of it~ the tea served was too sweet for me though..
photo courtesy of sy
By the time we made it home to our foster homes, it was already 1am~ XD Ohya, I found my Pentax!!!! *thank God* it fell in Kak Huni's car! XD Thank Q to nicole for helping me find it! =)




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