Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm a LEX student!

Remember my previous post bout how ready i was bout studying LAW? if u do, forget all about it!! Studying law is CRAP!!! The mountains load of information that we need to read and know is IMPOSSIBLE!! The acts, the case studies, the analysis! How could i be sooooo NAIVE~ How the hell am i supposed to write 12 pages of facts for my exam in 3 hours??? I didn't sign up for this Sh*t!! 

I QUIT!! Going back to UPM next week!


Seriously, do u think I'd do that? XD I'm not going back to UPM lah..=P just fooling around.. But the reading and exam part of the above was real.. XD So.. almost done with week 2 of my Lex (law in Latin~) studies and am somehow or another enjoying myself.. =P No maths~~ Am finally free of its 13 years of torture~~ ^__^ however, every page i flip now is all covered in words.. words, Words, WORDS!! Am missing the colourful bio cell diagrams and molecule structures.. XD Seriously, there's lots of reading to do, if u don't like reading its gonna be pure torture!! 

There's also one downside bout studying at ATC... No campus life!!! T^T all my friends who entered public uni posted on facebook about how they were torturous their orientation week was.. am so envious XD well, at least they've experienced it before.. most of the atc seniors are still on holiday.. they will only be back in sept.. 

Have not got my textbooks yet.. i have to be officially accepted as a student of the University of London External Program before getting my textbooks flown from UK.. am in the process of applying now.. in the mean time.. we're photostatting! XD talk about copyright infringement.. haha.. hm.. so far the lessons are.. fast? XD we've already finished the first chapter in Contract L and Criminal L.. O.O its seems that the higher up the academic ladder we climb, the faster the teachers teach.. have to get used to studying law.. need to find my style of studying~ XD  no more spoon feeding~ XD actually am still a lil in the holiday mood..XD have to jiayou orh~ no more procrastinating! =P plus, i got myself in a debate! XD Should UK adopt a written constitution? I'm on the supporting team.. hm.. think i better start doing research for the debate next week instead of blogging.. =P

Some times there is no next time, no second chance, no time out. Sometimes... it's now or never!

better start studying.. =P


Jia Ying said...

Dear sis, all the best in your studies.You will do well :-)
I am in a new field too, sometimes i still miss my biochemistry stuff.

-Denise- said...

okie~ gambate together ba! ^__^ all the best to u too~ your's is masters leh, even harder =P take care loh~


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