Monday, July 26, 2010

The Present

This jem of a book was given to me by Jie Hui for my 19th birthday. =)
(Thank q Kak~ ^^)
It has taught me a valueble lesson which is to be more aware of the happenings surrounding myself.. 

This year, i came across another book of Spencer Johnson's..

Learn from the Past,
Live in the Present,
Plan for the Future.

That is what I've learnt form 'The Present'.. I realised that i do not spend enough time LIVING in the PRESENT and focusing on the task at hand =P it's amazing how often I let my mind wonder during classes and even during conversations with others! XD 
Ding Dong~ it's high time for me to learn from my past, focus on the present and plan for my future~ 
This book has been a valuable wake up call for me.. =) 

 I highly recommend these 2 books to be read by those who have not.. since i am currently in possession of both, please feel free to borrow them from me as these books prove to be very quite costly.. =) 

Next book on my list is..

I was also reminded of this verse in the bible..

 弟兄们,我不是以为自己已经得着了。我只有一件事,就是忘记背后努力面前的,向着标竿直跑,要得神在基督耶稣里从上面召我来得的奖赏。(腓3:13 - 14)

 The bible has already written down these life lessons about 2000 years ago! In the book of Philippians~ How great is the wisdom God within the bible! =) Now, i wonder.. wherein did Spencer got his ideas from.. ? XD haha..  


kak said...

thanks for the recommendations
The Present and Peaks&Valleys sound like good books!

-Denise- said...

i havent read it yet =P have been quite busy lately XD will let u know how it is after i finish with it ;)


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