Sunday, June 6, 2010

New LG hp - adopted

After many months of saving, i finally got a new phone~ ^^ 

❤ LG KM900 Arena 

Well... it's not really brand new.. I bought this 3-5 month old baby for rm800 =P (original price is rm1599) Though there are a few scratches, which are not really noticeable, it is still a fair bargain for a good phone. =) Touchscreen, 5MP camera + secondary camera, dolby speaker, 8GB in built memory, wifi, 3G and etc.. hm.. the screen detects heat therefore pens and fingernails are useless.. it also has a 4 customizable interfaces - communication, multimedia, contacts and widgets. I get to choose which contacts, songs, pics, apps and widgets that i use the most to display on these interfaces which is very handy ^_^ but the background of the interfaces are un-customizable.. unlike Sony Erricson phones, Arena can't use cute cute themes.. i can only change the wallpaper..XD My only and main setback is.. i have to charge it almost everyday! @.@ the big screen demands lots of power.. not sure is it bcuz of a weak battery, or maybe i'm playing with it too much.=P it still has 7 months of warranty left, will go back to the shop if the battery proves problematic.. 

anywayz, took these pics before i slept..

see it? haha.. the secondary cam is not as clear though..

I got this cute pad with Arena too ^__^ it was either pink or black..
 black looks manly+business -ish XD the ornament is mine =) 

good night~ =)

Don't worry precious, cuz i'll treat u right.. =)



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