Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family Movie Night

Watched Prince of Persia at 6.55pm at Cheras Selatan today~ ^__^
Hm.. the movie was nice. haha.. but if u compare it with the awesome Pirates of the Caribbean.. Prince would be an average good =P Guess my movie expectations are quite high.. haha.. However, some of Prince's scenes were very well shot =) Some of the surreal fightings scenes really made me jump in my seat. haha.. did u know that this movie was originally a video game?

Anyways, did some window shopping before the movie started..

i like this^^ 

pretty shoes like these are not meant for me.. they kill..XD

bought this tshirt at the end of the day~ ^__^

*Going back to Sg. Pelek tmr to make Chinese Dumplings ~ Yummy ~



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