Friday, August 7, 2009

Old Folks Home : Revisit

Didnt go for tuition today.. went to "De Sheng Zi Jia - Lao Ren Yuan" instead.. =)

How fast time passes, the last time i first visited that same old folks home was just one and a half years ago... Singing the same songs...(though i was not leading them this time..=P) Seeing the same house... Some familiar faces... Basically the place didnt change much.. the same brother - Tuck is still running the house... the rooms.. kitchen..

However, this time i came with the CHS girl guides instead of the group of Isaiah students...

Thne again, today wasnt that bad..=) the old folks particularly liked the chinese oriental music performance. The 2 'er hu's and the 'pi pa' really did woo them which made it easier for us to connect with them later on. One of the old folks even sang an opera song for us! ^__^ Haha.. There was also the egg tarts and 'lao po' biscuit.. don't think they get to eat much of them as i observed them munch on the biscuits with much satisfaction... though i was worried if any of them was a diabetic..XD we arrived around 2pm and left at 4pm.. btw, i just remebered, we forgot to help sweep the floor of the crumbs!! and we promised Tuck!

Hm.. Not to say that today's trip wasn't enjoyable... however today... i felt like it was all about us and not so much about them.. we laughed, we sang, we clapped, we chat.. but did we bring true joy to these old folks? or did we visit them just to have an activity as such completed? Sometimes i cant help feeling that trips like that are a lil hypocritical.. if you know what i mean... we visit old folks, we feel happy with ourselves, yet are the old folks happier? or did we create more trouble for them and their caretakers? (guess Bro En De really did teach me a lasting lesson..=P)

I hope the next time i participate in charitable events, i'd like to really touch the souls of the people i helped instead of just "touch and go"... =)

P.s. tomorrow maths intensive starting.. guess i'll move my tuition time from friday to saturday tomorrow onwards..=)

Take good care of yourself okay? =)



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