Monday, August 31, 2009

Hometown tour

Went back to Sepang for the weekend~~ ^^

I drove back to sepang around 6pm..XD haha.. its just an hour's drive la.. plus most of the journey was spent on the highway.. so no big..=P Ate pan mee for dinner. Then, went to visit Grand-uncle and Aunt Grace~~ (though mum only has one brother, but my mother's mum has 7 brothers!!! *faint* So, my mum has many many cousins, thus i have many many distant cousins~~ =P So, basically during CNY, if i see someone old and mum greets as uncle/aunty, i'll just call "Granduncle/Grandaunty!" tested fool-proof XD) Anyways, we are particularly close to this granduncle and aunt grace(his daughter). Aunt Grace, a pastor in Singapore, visits her father often during the weekends as granduncle lives alone in SP...
Slept early.^^

Woke up to yummy breakfast~~ (we stayed in mum's best friend's place and she is a super duper exellent cook!!^^) Had Korean Rice Cake and Japanese La Mian and Miso soup~~
Had lunch out though. Char Kuew Tiao and fav Amokana drink!!
Main Point of this trip : Dinner!!!

Sepang Chinese Methodist Church 100th Anniversary Celebration~~
Attended service at 4pm. P&W, Choir, Sermon, history slide show... The highlight was the choir~~ Amazing how much they've grown under YU lao shi's guidance.=) Bravo!
Dinner was supposed to be at 6.30pm... AS usual, we started an hour plus later..=P
a 9 course dinner + speeches + dances + choir + play = 4 hours
Highlight: the play!!
Wonderful play bout how the church came about etc.. The most amazing part was that they built an EXACT minature building of our church out of styrafoam!!! YENG!! The play was produced by zhu wen!! *gasp* no wonder so good la~~^^ He is the Indonesian-Chinese professional play producer & Theology student from STM.=) He taught us (isaiah students) how to act before and he still remembers me~^^
no pics though, =/ sayang...
Reached home around 11pm, slept at 12...

Attended sunday service at 11am. Met the other theology student, Zhun Chun (from China) briefly. He brought his wife and 0ne year old daughter from China!!! Finally, they are reunited. Very touching~~ =')
Had lunch at AH LEK'S. Granduncle's fav coffee shop. Went over to granduncle's at 4-5pm again. Saw mum climbing granuncle's mango tree!!! lolz. she wouldnt let me climb though, scared i'll fall wor...=.= haha.. harvested quite a basket of mangoes~~
Headed to Sepang Gold Coast at Bagan Lalang beach...
Again, i havent receive the photos..=/ so grabbed some from the net..=P

It really looks exactly like this~~^^we arrived just in time to see the sunset...

this is the plan for the chalets and its almost completed~
of course it was 'inspired' by the palm beach in dubai... =P

Anyway, went to Tanjung Sepat for dinner..=)
Hung around Lover's Bridge before dinner... it was already dark though.. but the sea breeze was very cooling and the sky was full of cotton-candy clouds and tiny twinkle stars... Through the simplicity of the old plank bridge while the fisher-boats tied to it creaked when hit by the waves, it truly reminds you how beautiful Malaysia truly is.. The Malaysian way.=)

Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia! =)



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