Monday, August 24, 2009

Isaiah N time gathering~

Outing with isaiah students at 1U~ =) Got together, hung around, had dinner at pizza hut~ cheapest meal ever! paid only RM3!!! haha.. cuz we got cash vouchers..XD Thank Q hui shan!!^^

darling huis shan~^^

Actually this get together was to meet up with hui shan.. she just completed medic frist year in Russia and will be going back to Russia soon~ Long long time no see le.. will miss smart and quiet hui shan again..=/ Wish her all the best!! May God be with her always~~^^Besides that, got to meet everyone again!=) though many more could not make it..

38 isaiah =P how come got 24 and 7 oso de...?XD

Cheers~ =)



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