Friday, September 3, 2010

The Selangor Child

On the early morn of 20 April 1990, when the sun was rising and everyone was scrambling to settle into their daily routine of school or work, a newborn’s animated cries and chuckles could be heard coming softly from the maternity ward. There, in the warm embrace of its mother lay the little one, enjoying its first taste of life and lovingly guarded by a proud and young couple as they too were savoring their first taste of parenthood. When the baby was discharged, the young couple brought the child home, to the first home it ever knew – a little town in Sepang, Selangor.

As the years passed,

 the child grew while exploring the vicissitudes of life,

 traveling to various places,

and meeting with lots of people from all walks of life.. =)

She is adventurous, 


a great poser, XD

and optimistic~ ^_^

Her travels had taught her to not take everything for granted,

to appreciate the people around her,

especially her loved ones ^^

to appreciate the beautiful environment that God created,

and to appreciate the home that she has.. =)

No matter how beautiful other places seem to be
 or how tasty their food may be
or how friendly the people can be
 Home is always the best for she ~

Truly, there is no place like home~ ^_^

Selangor has been the place I called home ever since I was born. 

No matter how far I travelled, Selangor would always welcome me back with open arms, like a mother welcoming her child back home.. =)

I am very fortunate and proud to be a child of Selangor, Malaysia! =)

Now, I would like to do a lil something to show my appreciation for Mother Selangor! ^_^

Please choose me for My Selangor Story Contest because.. 

I want to introduce my beloved home, Selangor to EVERYBODY!! q(^__^)P

For those who have not been to Selangor, i want to introduce you to a fascinating, exciting, beautiful and a must-visit place named Selangor!

For those who have visited Selangor before and those who are residing in here, i want to re-introduce Selangor to all of you!! Who says you have to travel overseas to catch breath-taking scenes and exciting rides? I bet Selangor has lots more to offer to us and there must be some awesome places that maybe you and I have not been to! ;)

My LOVE for blogging + traveling + Selangor is going to blow you away, making you wish that you were in Selangor this very moment! ^_^

So, please give me a chance to share my beloved Selangor with all of you~

Thank Q~ =)

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MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

WOw..u r cute! HAHA.. i think i need to find someday and scan all my baby pics to the computer too!

anyways, good luck. Hope we call can make it through together. =)

-Denise- said...

haha.. thanks! =) i really really hope i make it through too!! its gonna be so much fun! am so hype bout it now.. XD will be quite a blow if i didnt get through cuz im a amateur blogger.. =P

Azuan said...

All the best!

Sandi said...

It's wonderful that has ever keselangor!
be willing?

-Denise- said...

@azuan, thank q =)hope all of us will get to go ^^
@sandi,moga-moga kita semua dapat keselangor~ =)

Kokd said...

Thank you!! great blog and hope you get in!

ken said...

nice description with photos..
all the best =)

-Denise- said...

@kokd, all the best to you too =)
@ken, ur blog is awesome~ y are u not entering My selangor story? ^^

Endy Daniel said...

nice pics, hope to visit selangor someday, im from indonesia n im ur new follower now :)

-Denise- said...

@endy, u should visit~ it has a charm that u can find no where else ;) check back later for more introductory posts about selangor =) (if i make it as a finalist =P)


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