Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Moon Cakey Fest~~ + Pre MSS

First and foremost,

Happy Mid Autumn's Festival!!!

Have u had your share of mooncakes, moonlights and lanterns? ^__^

Have been eating lots of mooncakes lately, gained a lil festive bump around my waist.. XD haha..
Anyways, spend some quality time with your family on this special day k? =)



Going for a tour around Selangor for the next 6 days 5 nights! ;)
Super excited!! ^___^

Thank Q !!!
to all who had voted for me to make me qualify to Stage 2 of My Selangor Story Contest! =) it couldn't be possible without your support! really appreciate all that u all have done for me~ *hugs* ^__^

Have been busy packing for the whole day.. =P

Bought a new hat from Petaling Street too~ 

Nice? ^^

Camwhore a bit =P

Hope the trip will be as fun as i anticipate it to be! =)
Looking forward to meet and learn from all the other bloggers..^__^

So, check back within these few days to know more bout My Selangor Story~~ ;)

P.S. to know more bout the contest, pls visit 


Bangkok Girl said...

Nice Trip, Nice Auther.
Hope to read your more.
I follow you, follow me back.. and give some suggest. I hope my blog is nice like your.


Terry said...

Love the hat!!

I am following this blog and also networked blog. Would appreciate a follow back.


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