Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sepang CMC Carnival

Went down to mum's hometown, Sepang for the weekend ~
 i drove ;) haha.. just to show mum that i can in fact drive safely for a long distance =P
Sepang CMC is having a Carnival to fund their new education block, so we'll be helping out at the sales booths =)


Left home around 3pm.. dropped by Sepang town for tea.. a TRADITIONAL kopitiam that serves TRADITIONAL kopi and toast that costs TRADITIONAL prices~ =D

toast+kaya+butter = Heaven~ ^^

mum's fav kopi-O

After tea, we returned to our car to find a flat tyre!! I swear it wasn't flat when i drove it!! XD guess mum was doubtful.. =P Thank God there was a repair shop a few shops away from the kopitiam =P

oh dear..

Anyways, we reached Sg. Pelek safely =) went to Tanjung Sepat for seafood dinner with mum's friends~ yum yum ^^

nyek nyek nyek.. =P



Woke up at 5.30am and got to the Carnival venue at 7am.. It was raining heavily then.. Thank God the weather was beautiful after the morning's rain =) i was assigned to help out at the blood test booth.. giving out numbers and helping them with the registration.. was too busy to take any photos XD there was lots of people in the morning as they wanted to get their blood test done to end their 8-10 hours fast.. I oso took my first blood test that day.. 

See..? ^^

Well, i think i wasn't afraid of the needle.. XD but still the needle did look rather intimidating.. XP haha..

Busy busy busy busy.. there was lots of home cooked yummy food, sushi king oso came and opened a booth~  ^^ all sorts of things were on sale too, u name it we've got it ;) haha.. guess the booth that drew in the most revenue was the games booths! XD there were lots of attractive prizes eg mountain bike, SE handphone, toys.. we oso had a blood donation drive and kids colouring contest~ the carnival ended successfully at 2pm, by the time we cleared everything and got home it was already 3+pm.. Nap time! =P

Went to church for a sharing at 8pm by... 

the famous Singaporean host/actor, Moses Lin =)


Went home after breakfast to attend our church service =) simply love~ the RM 2.50 wan tan+char siew mee we had for breakfast! XD
 i  kampung~ =P



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