Thursday, November 5, 2009

Graduation Day =)

4th November 2009


well, at least i'm FINALLY graduating from high school.. XD haha.. graduating frm CHS for the second time seems a lil weird.. same ceremony, same hall... however different classmates, different view... this year i got to perform with me fellow F6s~~^^ which i didnt in f5.. Wonderful experience!

Our first song was '知足' by 五月天 and the second was '五十三颗苹果' composed by chian ping! (a fellow f6 student) despite some previous misunderstanding and bad jokes bout the apple song, it still turned out great! =) Thank God! Even before we started singing, the audience was already chanting '苹果!苹果!苹果!' (cuz they've heard it before during the rehersals) Really felt like a concert!XD all of us even brought apples up stage and took a bite before the end of the song~^^ sorry i dont have the video!! but here are the links! ^^

stand by...^^

with apples~~^^

Wait. That's not all! ^^ hehe.. after the grad ceremony almost the whole class stayed back for lunch at Amcorp's Kenny Rogers~~^^ Had a long long table and a whale of a time! =)

tok panjang U6B style!^^

teresa, sue ping, mei qi, ting king n me^^

reflection~ (mel and i)

bon apetit!^^

and... miscellanous photos~

i love pooh!^^
funny expression with mouth full.. XD

zhi pai skill~


though it was a happy day, something made me feel really bad...=/
we were crossing the roads on the way to amcorp and petite mel whom wasnt really street smart held my hand, relying on me to take her safely across... crossed the first, reached the divider and... dashed across the second after a glimpse of the traffic and after someone shouted 过! it was the longest crossing ever... as if time slowed downed and so did our steps.. was a lil numb with fear while i felt mel's hand tightened against mine.. i feared that we wouldnt make it if we turned back... feared we were not fast enough... therefore we dashed across... hoping we could make it in time...
apparently, it was a really risky and dangerous move... 4 of us made it to the opposite whilethe others remained at the divider... mel was shocked to tears once we reached the other side.. i felt so bad... i should have been wiser.. especially with mel with me. Based on the condition of the traffic i would have made it across ok... however my judgement was meant for myself alone.. i should have been more careful with mel by my side... stupid me.. so sorry mel..='/ shouldnt have risked your life as well...
felt terribly guilty... as mel was as wise as a chicken when crossing the road, i was responsible for our impulsive act. apparently i was a chicken too.. i admit. totally my fault. im sorry. im sorry. IM SORRY...
was already very very guilty... though guess i didnt show much of it as i wanted to comfort mel... however upon sensing my friend's anger upon my irrational act, i cried too...='/ though i know he was angry because he cared... however... i guess my own guilt +other ppl's anger and disappointment doesnt really mix well... so so so sad... i knew i was responsible and im sorry.. even if i dont show any signs or tears doesnt mean im not shakened by the incident too u know... *sobs*
basically this is not the first time my guilt and other ppl's anger resulted in myself tearing... guess i dont tend to show much of my guilt.. but i really do feel very guilty and sad... sad cuz i did something wrong... i always try my best not to do something wrong.. even for small things... however sometimes it happens.. it makes me worse if ppl close to me are angry.. guess im too sensitive to other ppl's emotion toward myself... sorry.. though i cant understand why ppl get angry at the mistakes committed by the person they care for.. dont they know how terrible they feel? dont they know they are really sorry and they just might need some comfort too? or is it just me who conceals negative emotions, undetected by others and thus makes them angry? puzzled....



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