Saturday, November 7, 2009

Daylight Robbery

6th November 2009 Friday 1645+

i was home alone.. studying in my room.. then i heard a woman screaming.. peeked out of my window... OMG!!! *scream* i saw a man chasing my mum with a knife! then my mum fell and he was over her! i immediately dashed down to unlock the door, my heart beating eractically, praying that she's not hurt... as soon as i got out, the man had already fled the scene on his motorbike... mum was standing, supporting her right wrist with her left hand, dripping blood in front of our house, staining her white blouse.. was so dazed at the sight that i could hardly speak.. neighbours who heard my mother's cry were gathering.. after leaving me some hurried instructions, mum was driven to the nearest clinic by our next door malay neighbour.. i drove our car into the porch, closed the gates, attended to the neighbours and then locked myself at home... was so anxious and worried bout mum's condition.. yet i couldnt reach her cuz her handbag along with everything in it was robbed... torturing... mum called back 15 minutes later from the clinic saying she was still okay and asked me to cancel her credit cards and etc...

She was back later in the evening... apparently she came down of the car to open the gate then this guy stopped beside the car and grabbed her handbag... as he was climbing back on his bike, my mum snatched her handbag back from the bike's basket and quickly ran towards the guard house at the end of the road while the robber gave chase.. mum outruned the robber.. however the robber turned back and headed towards the car.. worried that the robber would steal the car, (the engine was still running) she TURNED BACK.. =.= this time the robber sucessfully chased and snatched her handbag when she fell... slashing her hand.. *shudder* according to our neighbour, she saw that man loitering around this morning... just as he was leaving, my mum drove passed him.. mum said she saw him pass in the opposite direction.. guess he must have u turned.. grr.. how 'fortunate' of him...

anyways, THANK GOD mum's cut is not that bad... depends on how u see it.. she got 9 stiches however she was considered lucky as her artery and nerves were not damaged..
Conclusion: be really careful!!! GIVE your belongings to the robber! it's better than ending up hurt! take care orh... these are dark dark days...

why should i care that you dont really care? sigh..



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