Saturday, February 21, 2009

2007 Ed boarders' 2009 Gathering

I meant to post this last Sunday... and now i'm posting it one week later... *gasp* haha
Well... here goes...^^

2007 EdBoarders' First Gathering

Date : 15th February 2009
Venue : Waldolf Tower

It was a potluck poolside partay~ we even had bbq!! haha... the facilities provide were great!^^ thanks to tao for getting us such a nice place to gather!=) Total pf edboarders present were around 14? haha.. somewhere there..

And we seriously had TOO MUCH to eat!!! lol! pizza, KFC, satay, bbq, duck, glutinous rice, desert, herbal egg and lots more!! lol... in the end we had take the excess back home...=P

Anyhoo~ we had lunch, then hung around the pool, then the other pool, then at last Tao's house.^^

Lazy to say more..haha..enjoy the pics!=)

Food and us!^^

Wen Zhen n i *hugs*^^

pool side

the guys started playing frisbee in the pool
kwan seng fetching

bryan fetching

My first attempt at pool!^^ haha... much harder than i tot... needs lots of skill...=P

ohya, we sorta wrote some expectations or wishes or watever and stuffed it into this box! haha.. to be opened 3-5 years later...

Group photo^^

Being together reminds me of the days we were in the ed board room... either working on the school mag or just hanging around...=) there are many others who couldnt make it... most overseas persuing their studies... many tat u see in these photos are also studying overseas... or soon to be... US, Australia, UK... miss you guys!^^

*thank you for remembering too... awesome gathering... was a lil disappointed when i was not invited and missed a few other gatherings.... sigh... well, life goes on... no big^^



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