Saturday, January 31, 2009

List of Wants

Everybody's out. I'm home alone. Having cup mee for dinner. Tired of studying... so i present to you...

Denise's List of Wants

1. Red and black plaid skirt


I used to have one when i was like... 6? haha... was really fond of that skirt... but i outgrew it and my mum gave it away...='/

2. Sport shoes
RM 50 - RM 300

Something like this maybe?^^
Lost my sports shoes to Sungai Tembeling when i went for the taman negara trip... =P
Hm.. maybe i need a pair of walking shoes too... something like these...


3. Lord of the Rings DVD
RM 500

This has been on my list for AGES~~='/

4. Handphone
RM 600+

Sony Ericsson K770^^

5. Jogoya Japanese Buffet
RM 88++

I want to go~~ T.T

How nice would it be if i were rich...=P



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