Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY tale

Happy Chinese New Year!!^^

Hope everyone enjoyed their new year! =) Though sometimes it can be hot and boring...=P but at least there are ang paus!!!^^

Went back to Ayer Tawar, Perak for cny this year... Whole Phang family came back this year cuz grandfather is sick... Quite a boring 4 days...=P frm saturday to tues... didnt study... tooo hot! =P Didn't like the buddist chanting cd that they played every morning... no offence, but it can be quite irritating when "namoamitofo'" is the first thing u hear every morning.=P and there was lots of smoke when they burned "money"... =P Food was ok... i think i enjoy breakfast most..=P when they da bao "gam buang"--> special mee only found in setiawan. Love the taste!^^besides, met up with some setiawan isaiah friends!^^ Happy.

Came back to serdang on the 2nd day of cny(tues) for 2 hours... then departed to Sungai Pelik, Sepang (mum's hometown)=P Food was... tastier..=P Mut Cheng aunty is an excellent cook!^^ Mum seems more at home.=) Atmosphere is also very different.. more relaxed^^got to meet up with some distant relatives too!^^

Only regret of this cny is i missed the 12am fireworks on the first day...=/ i fell asleep...T.T there were lots and LOTS of fireworks... no one wake me up...=/ can't blame anyone... my fault... made me thought furthur... Don't curi tulang when studying, no one can save me if i get bad results for stpm... then oso no one to blame but myself... gambate! =]



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