Sunday, March 14, 2010


Well, for those who do not know...
*deep breath*


General Paper : A
(i didnt make any careless mistakes this time! ^^ ergo, i got the grade that i deserved!=P unless u count my mistake of mixing GSC- golden screen cinemas and MSG-monosodiumglutamate in my essay bout chemicals.. XD)

English Literature : B+
(I wanted an A++++ =/ haha.. however given the time and what lil guidance ms leela could provide us with and my limited literature background, it's not bad u know... just that i expected more.. XD)

Biology : B+
(Pn. Felicia was soooo disappointed when i told her i got a B+ only.. "Huh?! What happened denise? Why like that?" "Sorry teacher..."then she tried to console me... "Err.. nvm la, still very good.." XD Oh dear... couldn't recall all the facts that i memorised and because bio was the first paper i sat for, i was quite panicky.. Would it have made a difference if i attended tuition classes for it? Only God knows.. haha...)

Maths : B
(I got a B in maths!!!! For a person who was CONSTANTLY FAILING maths, i think i did quite well..^^ seriously worked my 'head' off for that B.. =P)

Chemistry : B-
(I feel very guilty whenever i see Pn.Tan in school...XD i didn't do as much exercises as i was supposed to do.. plus i was more worried bout my maths... So sorry dear chemistry.. =/)

CGPA : 3.415

can someone miraculously turn my 2 B+ into As? XD
Did not get the 3A as i expected..=/ quite disappointed.. however i know i did my best.. even tough my best is rather average.. XD haha.. be contented, be grateful, life goes on~ =)

Am currently applying for uni... UM, UKM, UPM.. NUS..
Though my results are not bad, however they are not good enough as well... Can't get into dentistry in public uni nor earn a scholarship in the private uni for it... Can't fork out 500k either... XD haha.. so... I've applied for a few courses... my first choice for local uni is UM's Bachelor of Arts(English) =P others include tesl, biochem and nutrition.. It's all up to God now.. =)

Looking back at that year and a half, after everything i went through..
3.4 ain't too bad... ain't too bad xian...^^





Jia Ying said...

Dear Denise,
Gambateh ya :-)



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