Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Just got back from HK~~
lotsa things to do... unpack, wash clothes, put up the christmas tree...
but first things first...

Dear Roomate, HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY!!!
May God smile upon u always~~
*hugs and kisses* u know i love u~^^

Dear Xin Rou, HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY!!!
May have a wonderful blessed birthday~ =)
Really miss u lots!! haha.. looking forward to see u next year~^^

last but not least,
Happy Birthday Teddy~~ =)


Xinrou Tan said...

Thanks for dedicating a few lines of your blog post to me. =P Very sweet of you. Hope your trip went well in HK, and you had fun! I miss you too, and would die to see you next year when I get back. =)


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