Sunday, September 5, 2010

Yu Jia's Full Moon Lunch

Woke up bright and early to attend church service at 8am. =) Then, my siss and i went to PJ to celebrate our cousin's newborn first monthiversary~ =P

we reached our venue at around 11.30am..

on the inside...

the buffet table~~ ^__^

Before digging in, we went and greet the new addition to the family~

Yu Jia 
(the literal meaning of her name : Good Rain)

After greeting all our relatives ( chinese custom & manners =P), we made a beeline gracefully made our way to the buffet table ^^ hehe.. 


very laku oh.. it was emptied in a blink of an eye ; )

my first serving~ ^__^

second serving? XD

ohya.. remember my blood test earlier? well, i've got the results, apparently my cholesterol level is a lil high...XD now we know why.. =P have to exercise more XD

dim sum~ ^^

'shark fin' soup anyone? ^^

ice kacang maybe? =P

Nicole and I~ ^__^

All in all, we had a very grand and wonderful lunch~ ^^ it was nice to meet Yu Jia, may she grow up to be smart and beautiful~ =) 


Self Sagacity said...

Seafood is my favorite! Yum

-Denise- said...

mine too ;) haha

riggs said...

..sea food looks very tasty n yummy... :)


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